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Build Unstoppable Habits

Building Unstoppable

Andre shares a simple strategy on how to build life-changing habits that you can scale and adjust as you wish.

Change your Mindset, Change your Life

Andre helps us understand the importance of a strong and healthy mindset and how it impacts the life we experience.

Should I consider seeing a coach? Podcast Topic

Should I consider seeing a Life Coach?

How do I know if my challenges or problems can be solved with the help of a coach? What's the difference between therapy and coaching? In this episode, Andre addresses these questions in detail.

Wonders of the Human Mind (Pt 1)

Mindset coach Andre explores the fascinating, wonderful & powerful concept of mind and mindset.

Wonders of the Human Mind (Pt 2)

Mindset coach Andre further explores the fascinating, wonderful & powerful concept of mind and mindset.

Procrastination & Depression

In this podcast episode, Andre answers questions from eRadio SA listeners about depression and procrastination.

Positive Feedback

Mindset & Life Transformation Coach Andre responds to feedback from listeners and discusses cultivating positive and empowering thoughts.

Perspective & Vision Boards

In this podcast episode, South African Life Transformation Coach Andre talks about the importance of having a vision and discusses how shifting your perspective can unlock your growth.

Gratitude, challenges & Confidence

Mindset coach Andre & podcast host Eon from eRadio SA discuss gratitude, turning challenges into opportunities, and defining your confidence.

Are you willing to invest in yourself?

Mindset and Life Transformation Coach, Andre Nel, talks about his coaching process. He poses a powerful question and shares how answering this question can unlock your full potential.